Weekend Bash at Backstage Munich

The weekend in Munich will be framed by the huge „Metallica Weekend Bash“ presented by BACKSTAGE and St. Germany - Local Chapter of the Metallica Club #273.


From Thursday May 23 up to Sunday May 26 you will be entertained by a wide variety of activities, live performances, beer & fun games, a collectors flew market and a cultural program.

Take part on the charity beer run, enjoy a BBQ or Bavarian style breakfast as part of our pre-show rituals on show days or hang out with us at the “Night between” and after show parties.


Part of the ticket prices and entry fees along with all contributions collected through the weekend will be donated to local charity organizations.

In order to keep the „Metallica Family Gives Back“ feeling alive we teamed up with the „Muenchner Tafel“. We want to give the Metallica Touring Family a chance to support locally by their work on Friday and Saturday to share the AWMH spirit. More detailed information will follow prior to the events.


Tickets for the Metallica tribute show performed by MY'TALLICA on Saturday May 25 are available here.

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